bolt hole castor, CASCOO Shopping, 125 mm, PU


wheel center: polyurethane grey
bearing: central ball bearing
threadguard: small nylon threadguard

galvanized and blue passivated sheet steel housing, pivot bearing with a double ball race, bolt hole fitting incl. M12 screw by bolt hole 12 mm, housing with material strength 2.5 mm (fitting) and 2.5 mm (fork), clearance between the fork 42 mm, wheel rim made of polyurtehane with a tread made of robust polyurethane grey colored, hub width 50 mm, central ball bearing, screwed wheel axle (incl. all axle material).

technical specifications

wheel diameters
125 mm
wheel center
polyurethane grey
polyurethane grey
axle bearing
ball bearing
wheel width
22 mm
hub width
38 mm
axle bolt
8 mm
hole fitting 12 mm
total height
155 mm
dynamic load capacity
80 Kg