About us


We want to create benefits! In the interests of our customers, we want to combine an efficient, increasingly automated and cost-effective production with high stock availability at our various locations and, related to this, guarantee short delivery times.

We want to supply quality! As a manufacturer with an in-house production proportion of more than 85%, it is in our own hands! From the selection of raw materials through the manufacturing process to the final assembly process, quality is our top priority, both for all our standard range products and for your special solution.

We want to take responsibility! In addition to the product, our focus is on the employee. All people worldwide deserve an appropriate social standard and code of conduct. With the certification according to the guidelines of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) we have made a big step in this way.


  • CASCOO Europe:


    Expansion of our storage capacity to 5500 pallets

  • CASCOO Europe:


    trainee education program – office management and warehouse specialist

  • CASCOO China:


    first time shipment of more than 35 containers per month

  • CASCOO Europe:


    move to new office building and warehouses

  • CASCOO Europe:


    completion of the new CASCOO hall with over 3.500 sqm. with a storage area of approx. 5.000 pallets, now with 4 loading and unloading ramps

  • CASCOO China:


    completion and move to new production halls with more than 12.000 sqm on 2 layers in Dongsheng / China

  • CASCOO Europe:


    Completion of a new storage and assembly hall with 600 sqm, including 2 loading and unloading ramps

  • CASCOO Europe:


    distribution and sales of castors and wheels on approx. 500 sqm in Ruethen / Germany

  • CASCOO China:


    production of castors and wheels on approx. 2.000 sqm in Xiaolan / China

  • Founding of CASCOO


    with the goal to establish a further brand on the European castor and wheel market

Your contact persons

International Sales

Sven Rohwer
Sven Rohwer Managing Director & International Sales

(+49) 2952 970629-14 rohwer@cascoo.eu

Louisa Scheideler
Louisa Scheideler International Sales

(+49) 2952 970629-18 scheideler@cascoo.eu

Lucas Rüth
Lucas Rüth International Sales

(+49) 2952 970629-21 rueth@cascoo.eu

National Sales

Frank Lohmann
Frank Lohmann Head of Sales Germany

(+49) 160 93119373 lohmann@cascoo.eu

Dennis Kaminski
Dennis Kaminski Sales Manager

(+49) 151 18502398 kaminski@cascoo.eu

Christian Geilen
Christian Geilen Team Leader National Sales

(+49) 2952 970629-17 geilen@cascoo.eu

Jasmin Bertelsmeier
Jasmin Bertelsmeier National Sales

(+49) 2952 970629-24 bertelsmeier@cascoo.eu

Susanne Laudage
Susanne Laudage National Sales

(+49) 2952 970629-28 laudage@cascoo.eu


Ralf Drees
Ralf Drees Purchase & Materials Management

(+49) 2952 970629-16 drees@cascoo.eu

Rainer Pilkmann
Rainer Pilkmann Work Preparation

(+49) 2952 970629-15 pilkmann@cascoo.eu


Dominik Folger
Dominik Folger Castors Allrounder
Sascha Henkenherm
Sascha Henkenherm Castors Allrounder
Alexander Oudolnyi
Alexander Oudolnyi Castors Allrounder
Jiannis Siskas
Jiannis Siskas Castors Allrounder
Heinrich Voß
Heinrich Voß Castors Allrounder
Oliver Winnig
Oliver Winnig Castors Allrounder


Hanna Heckmann
Hanna Heckmann Trainee